Bring down the «Fortress»

2021, January 23 and 31, February 2. More than 11 thousand peaceful protestors were arrested all over Russia. To keep attorneys from seeing the detainees, the police introduced the «Fortress» plan. Threats, psychological pressure, physical abuse and torture – that’s what they had to face inside the police departments. Every detainee has the right of defense.

i want to hug u but i can’t

Reflections about a lost person and a once again found human identity. About running away from people, from inner self-harm, from loneliness. About finding the forgotten, injured nature and becoming…

I love myself

Three queer stories about acceptance and self-love under the LGBT propaganda law.

Parallel Russia

A clothing collection dedicated to all the inhabitants of «Parallel Russia» and our common belief in the future, which will be built on the principles of mutual assistance and cultural diversity

Drug policy

A clothing collection in support of the Andrey Rylkov Foundation. ARF is a grass-roots organization with a mission to promote and develop humane drug policy based on tolerance, protection of health, dignity and human rights.

It Will Be Worse

Collaboration with Mediazona – a site for independent journalism, focusing on Russian police brutality and injustice.

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