On June 6, Ivan Golunov, an independent investigative journalist, was arrested on Tsvetnoy Boulevard in Moscow. The police has accused Golunov of distributing psychoactive substances, faked evidence and violated due process. Golunov was looking at ten to twenty years in prison. After an unprecedented campaign of civil resistance that united activists, journalists and Russia's biggest media outlets, all charges against Golunov were dropped.

However, the discussion must not stop there. A quarter of all prisoners in Russia are in jail on drug charges. Article 228, the most notorious and most popular among all drug-related articles in the Russian Criminal Code, is often used as an instrument of political repression.

June 12 is a national holiday. Russia's drug policies warrant national discussion. On the Russia Day 2019, we are organizing an event dedicated to reflection on drug politics.

We are Kultrab, a clothing brand and a community of activists and artists. On "Day of Russia 228", we are joined by street-wear brands such as Volchok and Sputnik1985, by music artists including IC3PEAK and by journalists and lawyers leading the discussion on drug issues. We are supporting Andrey Rylkov Foundation for Health and Social Justice, which has long fought for humane drug politics in Russia. Our hopes are to inspire a long-needed public conversation on drug-related legislation in our country.

"Day of Russia 228" will take place on June 12, 2019 from 6 PM to 2 AM at Bumazhnaya Fabrika, located near Baumanskaya metro station on Perevedyonovsky pereulok, 18 stroenie 6. We happily welcome all those interested.

All inquiries regarding accreditation or commentary are welcome at our press e-mail, press@kultrab.com
Kultrab is a clothing brand and community of activists and artists from Russia.
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